Evangeline Di Michele


Breathwork Evangeline Di Michele

When we own our breath no one can steal your peace.


Breath is the strongest medicine there is.


Breathwork is the most powerful physical, emotional and psychological healing mechanism, right beneath our noses waiting to be explored; yet we rarely give it more than a passing thought.


Conscious breathing is an open and balanced self practice of your own breath.


Flowing, relaxed and continuous.


This full respiratory breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force throughout the body and mind. It slows down the patterns of the brain and the nervous system and brings about a high vibrational frequency, vibrant health, mental clarity, emotional clarity and connects us with our higher self.


Our breathing is a direct reflection of our relationship with life which is mostly limited and unconscious. Conscious awareness of our breathing can be one of the great keys to self-healing, personal growth and balanced relationships.


‘A great way to release anxiety, alleviate depression and let go of emotional baggage’


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