Evangeline Di Michele


Appointments available Kensington and Monmouth
Contact Evangeline Di Michele
Contact Evangeline Di Michele


Anamaya – 1 Adam & Eve Mews, Kensington, W8 6UG

Contact Anamaya direct for appointments

0203 011 0355


Payment details required upon booking


The Cabin – Monmouth, Penallt, NP25 4AQ

Contact me direct for appointments

07729 992 092


Treatment advice

Massage and bodywork therapy is best on an empty stomach so advisable not to eat anything at least an hour before your treatment as the treatment also includes a deep abdominal massage.

It is best to avoid caffeine on the day as the treatment is about grounding and calming and coming inwards not being elevated by caffeine.

With the treatment no clothes are worn and you are covered at all times with a sheet.

This is to allow a continuous flow of massage movements to create a hypnotic sensation so as we induce relaxation in the body.

After the treatment it is best to be gentle and soft with yourself and just allow your experience to be embraced.

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