Evangeline Di Michele



Inn at Penallt

23 May 2019

5pm –  8:30pm

Sivananda based yoga session for intermediate level


Surya Namaskar
Surya means sun and Namaskar means salutation

This is the salutation to the Sun god.

The Sun salutation is one of the finest yoga modules for the overall development of the body, mind and soul. It has 12 different spinal positions and gives a varied range of vertebral movements to the spine and also promotes flexibility.

Practicing this dynamic and wonderful practice revitalizes the whole body.

It refreshes all the body organs and body systems through stretching, toning and breathing. It helps to restore vitality, is an excellent antidote for stress and depression and greatly helps to overcome emotions.

It recharges the solar plexus and stimulates the cardio vascular system.


Be welcomed with a zesty celery and apple ginger shot followed by a 90 minute yoga sun salutation immersion class. The evening will end with a vegan meal and a joyful sharing circle.


To book your place simply email info@evangelinedimichele.co.uk or call 07729992092
Cost £30pp maximum of 12 spaces available

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