Testimonials Evangeline Di Michele

I would recommend Evangeline to anyone ( all walks of life). She’s a true professional and very talented. You can tell she has a serious passion for massage and this shows through her work.”



“What an incredible experience. I absolutely love and recommend Evangeline and Tulamassage.

The treatment is healing, relaxing, balancing and repairing. I look forward to each visit and feel incredible after.”

Joanna Hughes


“I cannot thank you enough for all the massages through my pregnancy. It was incredibly generous of you and made such a difference to my overall physical and mental wellbeing during pregnancy, labour and birth.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tulamassage and the energy and connection that was created through it contributed to a positive birth and a very laid back and chilled out baby.”



“Evangeline really is pure gold dust. After a treatment I feel like all is right with the world again. I feel grounded and balanced emotionally and physically. Being a busy working mum of two this is a time for me and only me and Evangeline works in a very nurturing connected way with total focus on my needs at that time. Something we all need, we just need to find the time and allow ourselves the attention.”

Justine Jones


“Evangeline’s Tulamassage left me with a sense of peace and confidence in myself to go forward into the jungle that life often presents.”

Dr Zara Bieler GP


“Evangeline is the most intuitive massage therapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of being treated by. She has this magic touch, finding all the little areas of tension you didn’t even know you had. I always come away feeling lighter and calmer. The massages are physically beneficial but they also always seem to add a wider insight into aspects of my life that also need attention. I would highly recommend¬†Evangeline!”

Emily Hughes

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