Evangeline Di Michele

Tulamassage Training

Tulamassage Foundational Course (250 hours)

My promise
I will exclusively train women in a unique and meditative style of bodywork – Tulamassage, so they can intuitively nurture a woman’s essence back to harmony through a sensory journey of tender touch, empowering them with a lucrative wealth of body and emotional intelligence.

Exceptional training in a unique style of meditative massage to empower practitioners to nurture a woman’s essence through healing touch.


1. Six month course (250 hours competency certificate)
2. Three days a month (three days a month: Fri, Sat, Sun 10am – 5pm)
3. Comprehensive Tulamassage training manual
4. Eco catered Organic healthy lunch and beverages – no packed lunch necessary. (Every day of training)
5. Certificate of competency in basic Tulamassage 250 hours
6. Evangeline’s welcome logo tote goodie bag containing Neal’s yard products
7. Invitation to enroll in advanced Tulamassage training
8. Valuable contact list i.e. insurance, equipment, Louka Leppard, embroidery of sheets
9. Monthly videos of Tulamassage movements housed in teachable
10. Private whatsapp group for Q&A
11. Private weekly one hour zoom call to answer Whatsapp Q&A
12. Farewell circle to share and certify

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