Evangeline Di Michele

Tulayoga for Children

Children often live in a very full world of school pressures, constant lessons and learning, video games, sport competition etc, all of which are wonderful and developmental in their own way, but they can also be stressful for children.


Giving a child the time and space for a meditative practice encourages them to find and appreciate the calm place within themselves… the axis of their being. Once found it can be a place for them to return to and be nourished for the rest of their adult life.


Tulayoga is a simple, elegant and joyful practice that allows a child to return home to their body and their calm centre. Weightless, trusting and calming, your child can experience the relaxation of Tulayoga.


No prior knowledge or experience of yoga is required. Evangeline will gently guide your child through the meditative therapy gaining their trust and confidence. They are sensitive little beings.


Tulayoga is for children from 5-11 years old*.

Before the Tulayoga begins Evangeline will discuss your child’s health and the benefits the child will experience from receiving a Tulayoga session.

Each session takes no longer than half an hour and is conducted in a peaceful, tranquil environment.  The parent will remain present throughout. Evangeline recommends that you allow up to an hour of your time to avoid rushing.


* Or maximum weight of 40 kilo or maximum height of 160 cm.


“I love your dog Tula. My favourite thing about today was the Tulayoga, because it felt like we were on water and I had full trust in Evangeline.” 

Keisa, age 7

“A beautiful first Tulayoga session with our four year old Drew who thoroughly enjoyed the company of Tula.
Drew is my busy little whirlwind therefore it was very emotional and magical to see her relaxing and enjoying the session so much. She absolutely loved Evangeline and Tula and has told everyone all about it along with demonstrating the yoga moves she has learnt. I think every child would benefit from this wonderful, grounding experience.”
Justine Jones

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