Evangeline Di Michele

Sivananda Yoga

Evangeline teaches Sivananda based yoga which places a strong emphasis on physical health and well being. As part of a school of Hatha yoga it takes inspiration from the teachings of Swami Sivananda.


It is an open-hearted joyous practice based on twelve asanas*, each practiced in sequence, punctuated by periods of complete relaxation. This makes for a calm, friendly class for everyone, including the less experienced and physically energetic.

Sivananda yoga is perfect for all ages and especially older people. The focus is primarily on breathing, spirituality and meditation.


* An ‘asana’ is a posture in which the practitioner sits.


“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.”
B.K.S. Iyengar


Evangeline sees yoga like music in the body that heals, balances and connects one to self, creating space to allow energy to come and go.


Group Yoga Classes
Group yoga classes are currently available to book in Llangarron (between Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth)

Evangeline holds three yoga classes each week for a maximum of twelve people
Classes are on Tuesdays and Fridays and last for an hour.

Spring class dates (Tuesdays)

2nd April

9th April

16th April

23rd April

30th April

9.30am & 6.00pm
The Garron Centre, Llangarron, Ross on Wye , HR9 6NJ

Spring class dates (Fridays)

5th April

12th April

19th April

26th April

3rd May

The Garron Centre, Llangarron, Ross on Wye , HR9 6NJ

Private Yoga Classes

Evangeline teaches private yoga classes for beginners and people with intermediate knowledge and some experience.
Her aim is to build confidence, flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Private lessons are helpful for people who feel a little intimidated or unsure about starting group classes especially if they are a beginner.

One to one classes can also be shared with another person. Maximum 2 people.


“Evangeline is a very gentle and intuitive yoga teacher. I did a lovely private yoga class with my mum up in Evangeline’s cabin which was great for taking our ability to the next level. I have also recently done a group yoga class in Llangarron. It was really nice to share the space with like-minded people, there was a very warm community feel to it. Evangeline seemed to gauge the ability of the class well and incorporated positions achievable for everyone. It was both challenging and relaxing at the same time.”


“Evangeline’s yoga classes are brilliant. She is warm and caring combined with being a skilled teacher. Evangeline’s huge knowledge of physiology and the human physic means her classes are holistic, stretching and fun.” 

JB, London


“I was lucky enough to be with Evangeline for a few days in September. She gave me some yoga classes every morning. I totally loved her guidance & her voice. She allowed me to really get into my body to create spaciousness. I felt very relaxed and energised afterwards. I had some tummy issues too, so she gave me a belly massage. It was wonderful, firm and soft. The perfect strokes to get my belly back into working order. I highly recommend Evangeline for yoga and massages” ❤️

Sophie Lefevre


I’ve just got home from a yoga session with Evangeline and i feel the best that I have in years. I suffer from anxiety and depression and the breathing and relaxation techniques that Evangeline showed me how to do have had more effect than any medication I’ve tried. I would recommend it to anyone . Thank you so much Evangeline I will definitely be back xx

N Jarrold

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